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ForestMoss cladding panels

Forest Moss is a composition of stabilized plants consisting of a base in moss and lichen, enriched by a harmonious combination of plants and various foliage.
With ForestMoss modular panels it is possible to create a real zero-maintenance vertical garden, perfect for decorating any interior environment with great elegance. The ForestMoss makes both the living rooms, the commercial and corporate areas and the exhibition spaces more pleasant.

The aesthetic appearance of the panels may vary depending on the season and the availability of the foliage at the time of order. Our products are completely handcrafted and are made specifically for each customer: each composition is therefore a real original work that our craftsmen take care of in the smallest details.
The compositions differ according to the percentage of foliage used (compared to the moss and lichen base):

  • Standard composition: 30% foliage 

  • Medium composition: 60% foliage   

  • Deep composition: 90% foliage  

The panels are made in the standard size 100 x 100 cm. They consist of a rigid base (Forex or MDF) covered with stabilized vegetable. They can be cut to suit the size and shape of the surface to be coated. They are easily installed, using adhesive silicone or dowels and screws.


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