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BollMoss cladding panels

Bollmoss is the name we have given to a variety of musk immediately recognizable by its semispherical shape. Thanks to this feature, the Bollmoss panels are a valid alternative to create a green corner with an original visual effect, which takes advantage of the three-dimensionality and perspective game created by the "moss spheres". Not to be underestimated also the insulating and sound-absorbing properties of the Bollmoss coating to increase the feeling of well-being and good mood inside a room, both in the home and in the office.

The panels are made in the standard size 100 x 100 cm. They consist of a rigid base (Forex or MDF) covered with stabilized plant. They can be cut to match the size and shape of the surface to be coated. They are easily installed, using adhesive silicone or dowels and screws.


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