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Vertical gardens with zero maintenance

To improve the quality of the environments in which we live, to ensure a harmonious and natural space, the stabilized green is the perfect solution because it does not require maintenance, does not need water or light. 

Walls and plant frames are decorative elements that do not go unnoticed: real natural works of art, made by the expert hands of artisans who have made the “green” their mission.

3 good reasons to choose moss


Zero maintenance
Stabilization is an eco-friendly process, carried out with 100% natural and biodegradable products. The plant is immersed in a glycerin-based preservation product and the sap present in
the plant tissues is replaced by this natural preservative. In this way mosses, lichens and plants remain unchanged over time without any maintenance. Plants do not need to be wet and should not be exposed to sunlight. The only trick that is required to best preserve the stabilized plant is to keep the humidity present within the environment between 40 and 75%.

Health and Well-being

Living walls are a joy for the eyes and the mind. The integration of natural elements revolutionizes the atmosphere of the environment giving a pleasant feeling of well-being, with a significant advantage for the people who live there. Science has proven that incorporating plant elements into working spaces brings several benefits:

  • improves the acoustics of spaces; thanks to its soundabsorbing properties, a moss wall allows to reduce the noise of an environment reducing discomfort and stress.

  • promotes concentration and efficiency; an environment rich in vegetation stimulates a more serene and productive working climate.

  • has fire-retardant, antibacterial and antistatic properties.

  • communicates attention to the environment; the choice of a moss wall is a sign of appreciation for the “green” world and for the well-being of customers and workers.

Modern and versatile design

Walls and frames are the result of artisanal work that combines quality and creativity. The decorative solutions with lichens and stabilized plants allow you to set up and furnish any interior space in a very original way, enhancing the surfaces and modulating the atmospheres. In business and retail areas, the integration of green enhances the identity of a brand, creates a fascinating mood to improve the presentation of services and products and attracts the attention of customers or visitors. Each room has features that can be enriched with the right decorative solution. Whether it is an entire wall or a piece of furniture, the result is an evocative work of vegetable art that does not go unnoticed.

Types of green

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