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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?

Lichen tends to lose color and softness

Yes, lichen has its own natural odor, which tends to fade over time.

What happens after this time has passed?

Lichen life span may vary depending on the environment: typically at least 10 years

Is the lichen growing?

No, being a stabilized vegetable the lichen remains as it was supplied

Does it smell?

How do you clean it?

If dust should settle, use a source of fresh air (e.g. hair dryer) or a duster (e.g. feather duster) without the use of detergents or water.

Does my vertical garden need maintenance?

No, it is a zero maintenance product. It is sufficient that the environment has a humidity level of 40 to 75%.

Can the lichen dry out?

Yes, if the humidity in the room drops below the 40% threshold. But by restoring moisture, the lichen becomes soft again.

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